We’re about to unveil the latest iteration of our Online Treatment, which we hope will make it all that much easier for you to commit to treatment and maintain anonymity and to a certain extent, going about things at your own pace and allowing you to fulfill your daily responsibilities as well.

This program is for the person who has a job, school, or wants to take the recovery course from the privacy of their own home. Our counselors conduct the complete recovery process by meeting with you three times a week for 10 weeks in a live, private online meeting that you can do in your own home using your computer. After 10 weeks, an Aftercare Program is included at no additional cost. All you need is a computer and online access – we will send you a headset and all materials. This allows you to continue your daily life and still overcome, heal and improve areas affected by the abuse. For more information on the online program, click here. To enroll in the online program, you can use this form or call 1-877-399-1993.

However,  if you need 24/7 inpatient, we have that option in a comfortable facility.
Inpatient Beds at 24/7 Facility – The Living Center network has addiction treatment facilities available immediately with 24 hour 7 day a week treatment. These are certified medical addiction treatment centers focusing on healing, recovery, and a “get going” focus for your life! If you (or someone you love) needs a top-rated treatment center with caring staff, experienced counselors and qualified medical doctors, call our inpatient program at 1-877-399-1993.

Don’t let shame hold you back anymore. There is absolutely nothing shameful about a true desire to change.