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At our Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Center, we are dedicated to providing an environment where the recovery and healing process can be offered to individuals with the goal in mind, of complete recovery. Treatment is only the first step towards recovery, SO WE ALSO have a great program for aftercare, that means the time after you finish our program and you are enjoying your new life, we will still be there for you with our aftercare program. Specifically, you or your loved one will find that our aftercare services can greatly contribute to your success after the treatment program:

  • Counseling for families,
  • Follow up out-patient services,
  • Referrals to sober living homes,
  • Residential programs,
  • Adolescent and teen program,
  • Online treatment followup.

Our Therapy for drug and alcohol addiction is supervised by friendly medical staff that care about your life. The actual program may include medical detoxification, didactic and experimental learning, group exercises and interaction, family and individual counseling, vocational training, parenting skills, recreation therapy, and relapse prevention training, after care placement, and referral or follow up treatment services.

Please take a look at our site to see what we have to offer you or your loved one. We are a professional caring treatment center that is committed to helping you overcome addiction and reach your true potential.