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Our Online Program is entering full swing. Please read some current testimonials about our services:

TLC’s Online Treatment Programs
What Are Our Clients Saying?

“Online counseling helps me stay connected and accountable. It’s another tool that I use to stay sober.”
– Salesman

“It’s comfy because I don’t have to look anyone in the eye, so I can just tell it like it is.”
– Marketing Rep

“I thought maybe I could just hide behind my computer. But what I noticed is that I actually started talking things out here, and everybody else in the group does too! Listening to how others handle their difficulties gives me new ways to think about handling mine. That’s what I think is so great!”
– Retired

“I have found TLC’s online groups to be extremely effective. After rehab I was in a group where there were usually 12-14 people. Mostly it was about how you looked, what people were wearing, etc. In this group we are able to talk about things that are very meaningful, and you’re not thinking about how someone looks, but about what they’re saying. Also for me, there are people in the [online] group who have been through a lot of different things and there have been no judgments made about one another; we’ve all shared our similarities. I’ve seen people move on in their lives. It has been so powerful.”
– Marketing Rep

“I don’t know why I waited so long to do this. This feels great!”
– Retired Engineer

“I like A.A. meetings but I always have this overwhelming desire to look good to everybody, even when I don’t feel it. Here I can just be myself, talk straight about what’s going on for me, and you guys tell me the truth. Also, I don’t have to drive to get here so that’s good!”
– Computer Tech

“This online continuing care is the best thing I have ever done for myself. It keeps me connected.”
– Outside Sales

“It’s like starting from 1st grade for me. I have learned A LOT! This has been a real eye-opener.”
– Teacher

“The online group is a great tool for me because I can talk openly and I don’t get so nervous.”
– College Student

“I look forward to attending because I can talk about real stuff and everyone is very supportive of one another.”
– Homemaker

“I was going to several different meetings, but found many ‘cliques’ that were difficult to enter. While I am still committed to 12-Step, and continue to actively participate in this group, I always get a good feeling and feel like I belong.”
– Marketing

“I have many people I can trust: family, friends, therapist, colleagues and this online group.”
– Marketing Rep

“My best support comes from other addicts and alcoholics in recovery, because they go through the same kind of things that I do. This online discussion is the greatest! I enjoy the hell out of these sessions. You just can’t get enough support, and I know that these groups are really supportive.”
– Retired

“I’ve been through treatment 3 times before this. This was hard for me because dealing with my feelings has never been easy. I got to deal with important feelings that I never had to face before. I learned how to be more assertive, and can stand up for myself which I didn’t know how to do before. It’s still kind of uncomfortable, but I’m doing better. These groups really made a difference for me.”
– Computer Marketer

“This is a good thing. It’s been a good experience for me. I like the convenience of being able to sign on from my home. I feel connected to the other group members and look forward to each group, I’ve been in treatment before and I am learning lots of new things. I’m glad I chose to participate in this program.”
– Teacher

“I have been so grateful that I came to this program. It was a hard road but this program made me open up to my problems honestly. First I had to look at them from the outside but then I started looking at them from the inside. What a difference! I can’t express enough gratitude to my counselors for their help in this journey. I never dreamed that I could think differently about my disease and myself. Thank you so much!”
– Finance Manager

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